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Painting brings colour into your life

Haven't you wanted to give your walls a fresh coat of paint for a long time? Painting is a quick and lasting way to transform a room. Our company in Hamburg with experienced painters will be happy to do it for you! From walls and ceilings to windows and doors, they will do your large and small painting jobs quickly and thoroughly.

There are practically no limits to the colour tones because with modern colour mixing systems, we can reliably remix any desired colour tone for painting work even after many years. In addition, colour sets accents in the room or conceals unsightly corners, making a room appear larger, brighter and altogether more inviting.

Professionally carried out wallpapering

Would you like a change of wallpaper? In our wallpaper collection, you will find endless possibilities to design your living or business space. Because wallpapers such as woodchips, fibreglass, non-woven, painter's fleece and textile wallpapers are celebrating a comeback. With wallpapering services from us, you get the latest wallpaper trends and high-quality finishes. They are available in a variety of colours and all conceivable designs.

Non-woven wallpaper and painter's non-woven wallpaper for smooth walls in white or painted in colour are currently very trendy. Our professional wallpapering services ensure carefully and neatly executed wallpaper strips. We are also happy to offer you solid preparations such as wallpaper removal and disposal, filling and smoothing of the substrate. Personal advice is part of our customer service.

Painting and wallpapering for all occasions

Is it just a matter of adding a touch of colour? Do you want to refurbish your entire flat before you move in? We specialize in interior and exterior painting, varnishing and wallpapering. In addition, we offer the installation of fine stucco moldings, expert floor laying and professional water damage repair.

Are you a fan of colour? How about a breeze of fresh air in your four walls? We know the trends. Why not try something more intense like a new and friendly wall tattoo? Or design elements like decorative profiles, rosettes, and columns! Our professional finishing and wallpapering services will visually enhance your rooms. Contact us!

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