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Construction company and painting contractor

The Fetai Betonsanierung GmbH is a impressive example of a remarkable transformation. What once began as a family business has evolved into a leading construction company operating globally. Our focus is on the restoration of concrete structures, corrosion protection, and coating solutions, with our outstanding expertise in silo rehabilitation making us an undisputed specialist in this industry.

Our mission is to provide top-notch concrete repair and protective solutions that meet the highest quality standards while being globally available. As a family-owned business, we have expanded our vision and are proud to offer our services internationally.

Our special expertise lies in silo rehabilitation, regardless of their contents. Our customized solutions improve material flow, extend the lifespan of silos, and enhance efficiency. At Fetai Betonsanierung GmbH, we strive to shape the world with our expertise and innovation in the construction industry.


The construction industry faces the challenge today of not only providing efficient but also sustainable solutions for complex construction projects. In this context, shotcrete proves to be a groundbreaking innovation that not only enhances the flexibility but also the durability of structures. As a pioneer in the industry, Fetai Betonsanierung GmbH is proud to offer advanced shotcrete solutions that adhere to the highest quality standards.

Why Shotcrete?

Shotcrete, also known as "wet mix shotcrete," has proven to be a versatile and effective construction technique. The method allows for the precise application of concrete on nearly all surfaces, regardless of the complexity or slope of the substrate. The benefits of shotcrete extend from improved structural integrity to enhanced aesthetics of structures.

Our Expertise in Shotcrete Processing:

Fetai Betonsanierung GmbH holds a leading position in shotcrete processing. Our highly qualified team has extensive experience in applying shotcrete in various construction projects. From concrete restoration to the redesign of structures, we have demonstrated our ability to offer customized solutions that meet the highest standards.

Excellent Results through Precision:

Our processing techniques rely on precision and advanced technologies to ensure a uniform and durable application of shotcrete. This not only leads to significant time and cost savings but also to outstanding quality that extends the lifespan of structures.

Unique Offering from Fetai Betonsanierung GmbH:

What sets Fetai Betonsanierung GmbH apart is our unique offering of shotcrete solutions. As one of the few providers in the market offering this service with the utmost professionalism, we are proud to support our customers with innovative and tailored solutions.

Conclusion: The Future of Construction with Fetai Betonsanierung GmbH

In an ever-evolving construction industry, Fetai Betonsanierung GmbH is destined to lead the way. Our advanced shotcrete solutions not only represent the present but also the future of construction. With our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer-oriented solutions, we are ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow and realize groundbreaking projects.

Explore the unparalleled world of shotcrete with Fetai Betonsanierung GmbH – a world where innovation and perfection go hand in hand.

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