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Silo cell renovation for a flawless process

Silo cell construction is all about creating seamless transitions between silo ceilings and silo walls. During silo cell renovation, we ensure the elimination of all types of joints, protrusions and cavities. Silo cell renovation requires a thorough inventory in advance. We take into account load-bearing reserves and include cross-sections in a static recalculation.

In this way, we keep the cost of silo cell renovation low. Within the scope of silo cell maintenance, we take care of damaged substrates of the concrete structure and the modelling and optimization of functional silo outlets. In doing so, we create abrasion-resistant surfaces, comparable to eggshells, and thus achieve the best possible flow properties for the flowing material.

Silo cell maintenance through quality down to the core

When it comes to silo cell maintenance, we pay special attention to the inner wall surfaces and the outlet area. The structure of these surfaces must be totally smooth so that the inner wall surfaces of the meal cells remain free of meal residues. Burrs, blowholes and pores hinder the flow of flour and in most cases, a flour jam occurs.

Furthermore, there must be no protrusions or edges between the bevel and the previously installed steel hopper. The transition area between the sloping surface and the rising inner wall surface must be smoothed in the corner area by inserting fillets. Our silo cell renovation ensures a good discharge from the flour cells.

Specialized in silo cell renovation in Germany, Europe & worldwide

For a trouble-free flow of flour, we produce the above-mentioned surfaces at a 70° angle with an eggshell-smooth surface. If necessary, we straighten the discharge hopper. On top of that, we coat the discharge area with food-safe epoxy resin to prevent abrasion of the concrete. We have been operating from Hamburg since 2017 and specialize in silo cell maintenance and silo cell renovation.

The main focus is usually on grain and flour silos, but we have also refurbished sugar silos and feed silos. The renovation procedures are always similar, but we still have to adapt them to each silo individually. In addition, we optimize internal processes for your company at the same time with our silo cell maintenance. Interested? Then contact us!

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