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How does the coating of concrete work?

Compared to sealing floors, the coating of concrete is significantly thicker. This results in a more solid resistance. Floor coatings result in improved properties in terms of chemical, physical as well as mechanical resilience. To apply a coating to concrete, we need a clean, possibly slightly rough substrate.

If you want to improve the wear and abrasion resistance of your subfloor, we apply our coating for concrete. This coating is useful if the concrete floor is frequently driven on by transport vehicles. But also for vehicle halls, garages and warehouses where forklifts or lift trucks are frequently used. The material is applied with a paint roller.

Why does concrete need the corrosion protection?

The topic of corrosion protection is a complex area that requires a lot of responsibility, experience and know-how. For example, the corrosion protection of concrete ensures the functionality of structural components made of concrete or reinforced concrete, as it significantly increases the service life of the components. In this respect, all targeted measures for the corrosion protection of concrete prevent the corrosion of structural components.

The functional preservation of load-bearing components of a building made of concrete or steel is the focus of the modernization work that we carry out on your behalf. If no corrosion protection is applied to the concrete or steel, the regular function of these components or systems may no longer be guaranteed. Components affected by corrosion can then lead to high refurbishment costs.

Special coating of concrete against chemicals

An additional field of application for concrete coatings are rooms in which work is carried out with acids, oils, alkalis or other chemicals. These include production halls, car workshops and laboratories. If you place your order with us for this, we will apply special coatings to the floor that are highly resistant to chemicals.

In corrosive situations, components react with their environment. Corrosion protection on concrete, for example, is intended to prevent components from being exposed to direct moisture. We carry out such measures with coatings that are specially adapted to the substrate material. Various quality and approval marks as well as certificates testify to our quality work. If you have any questions, please contact us in Hamburg!

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