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HDW blasting technology from professionals in Hamburg

Concrete restoration plays an important role in professional building repairs and property modernization. High-pressure water jetting is a modern technique for effectively treating concrete. In this respect, HDW blasting technology is also used by us. With our HDW equipment, we carry out the most demanding work up to a pressure range of 3,000 bar.

What distinguishes high-pressure water jetting from ultra-high-pressure water jetting? With high-pressure water jetting, we are talking about jetting processes between 500 and 1,500 bar. Anything above 2,500 bar is called ultra-high-pressure water jetting. Well-known companies from the aviation, energy and water industries as well as from industry are among our customers throughout Germany.

Cutting concrete with water jets

The process of cutting concrete with water jets opens up the opportunity to remove, cut or prepare concrete for further measures. With HDW water jet technology, we use a pressure of 2,500 to 3,000 bar. This makes fine removal as well as deep removal possible. The process of cutting concrete with water jets requires special machines, know-how and a high level of experience.

Cutting concrete with water jets avoids the use of conventional caulking tools. This has several advantages. One is the relatively low occurrence of vibrations. This prevents the formation of micro-cracks in the concrete parts that are not to be removed. Furthermore, the removal is much more targeted when cutting concrete with a water jet.

Concrete removal & exposing reinforcements with HDW blasting technology

Ultra-high pressure water jetting is used by us when reinforcement is to be exposed. In concrete renovation, damaged concrete can be removed and underlying reinforcing steel exposed. The existing steel reinforcement is not damaged by the HDW blasting technique and can be inspected and replaced if necessary. We then reapply the new concrete.

Other areas of application are the removal of stubborn coatings such as bitumen and the preparation of metal surfaces. Various quality and test marks as well as certificates are proof of our quality awareness. We have extensive experience, work on schedule and have access to our own highly specialized machinery. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or via our contact form!

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